... a Linux based PVR with QOS.

The BossaBox is a compact multiMedia machine with IR remote control based on the Bossa Kernel with a TV display for differents kinds of multimedia streams: audio (MP3...), video (MPEG, DivX, VCD, SVCD...) and photo (JPEG, VCD) streams.

We use the Bossa Framework and a library of scheduling policies to build a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) on a VIA C3 architecture. A PVR must provide a variety of video services, such as encoding, decoding, and picture-in-picture. These services need to maintain a specific rate, but may have unpredictable computation requirements. Existing PVR software does not provide any quality of service guarantees and indeed less is known about how a scheduling policy can provide such guarantees for processes with unpredictable computation requirements than for processes with strict computation bounds.

Latest news

30/09/2005 - new site online.

30/09/2005 - The BB is configured, we got the Bossa kernel running and the PVR-350 drivers are working great.